Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hugo Chavez is a drug dealer

You don't move this kind of weight worth the kind of bucks Fausta details without the protection of high ranking government officials.

Fausta's Blog(go read it all)

Here's the "big picture" on VE as I see it.

  • Chavez is arming up heavily with new Russian hardware

  • Chaves is expansionist (seized Dominica's Bird Island)

  • Chavez supports the commie FARC in their attacks against Columbia

  • Hezbolla is in VE now on the Columbian border

  • Chavez is cozy with DPRK, Iran, and Syria

  • Chavez is sending his military to Cuba for "training"

  • Chavez is protecting billions in drug traffic

Something BIG is coming. Bank on it.

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