Monday, September 18, 2006

Detroit to squander $200,000 on pool repairs

This is the Detroit mayor's mansion. As you can see it is a fairly large house, but not excessively so in the manner of Mara Lago. Apparently this house has a swimming pool. Not particularly shocking for a house of this size.

Now we find that Detroit plans to spend $200,000 on pool repairs and landscaping.
Some $200,000 of a $22 million bond issue for capital improvements is being spent to fix the swimming pool and make other repairs at the mayor's mansion.

The money will be used to repair damaged pool tiles, cracked pavement walkways, a front porch and outside lighting and to replace dead plants at the Manoogian Mansion. Construction is expected to begin soon...
I would suggest that a house of that size could be completely gutted and refinished for less than the $200,000 the kleptocrats in Detroit plan to spend.

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