Friday, September 08, 2006

Steel cage match: Harry Reid vs Six Foot Scorpion

OK folks, its match time. Here's our moderator and referee for this unprecedented event -- Geraldo Rivera.

Thanks Avenger. I've been looking forward to this event ever since you mentioned the concept to me. Its not often the viewing public gets such innovative viewing content anymore what with the Roman Colosseum having been out of business for a while now. Its really quite sad that the notion of trial by combat has fallen by the wayside these days. It had such a long rich cultural history spanning many cultures and generations...

STFU Bring on the scorpion!
STFU Bring on the scorpion!
STFU Bring on the scorpion!

OK, OK, I can see the crowd has no sense of historical perspective and appreciation for...

Geraldo, STFU or I'll snip your head off and suck your guts out of your dead torso.

Ummm... OK I can see you're keen to meet your opponent for this match.

What are you talking about? I came here because I was promised a free lunch. You'd better deliver, or things could go rather badly for you.

Sobek, what are you doing here?

Seriously Geraldo, that six foot scorpion is getting irritated. I suggest you cough up some lunch soon or things really could go rather badly for you.

STFU Bring on lunch!
STFU Bring on lunch!
STFU Bring on lunch!

Hi, I'm Harry Reid. Are we having a difference of opinion here?

Not anymore. You'll do just fine.

Is that a threat?

No, just a statement about my digestive physiology.

I think you're threatening to eat me. That's not very civil Mr. Six foot scorpion.

I'm a scorpion you moron. We're not civil.

I have here a U.N. resolution prohibiting you from eating me.

[snip] I'll be sure to check it out after desert.


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