Sunday, September 03, 2006

Eternity Road declares war on Islam

Looks like Francis Porretto at Eternity Road has finally had enough and is ready to go postal on Islam.

As a practical matter, better now than later. Unpleasant tasks delayed invariably fester into much worse things when the final day of reckoning comes.

Some will surely argue that Islamic radicalism will collapse under the weight of its own rot in time like the Soviet did. However, the Russians weren't psychologically "locked" into a particular system in the same way muslims are. Alternatives were available and even fairly widely known within the poplace. The Soviet, while very restrictive, and highly controlled, did not completely exclude external inputs the way radical islam does. Eventually, the fact of the Soviet's failure seeped into the public psyche. Thusfar, no such seepage seems to be occuring with Islam's failure as a social, economic and political structure.

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