Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One man, one idea, one million taxpayer bucks saved

Bravo Wayne. Now only if we could the damn congress to take a look at spending programs in the same critical way that Wayne looked at his flap carriage we might really be able to cut the pork.

Black Anthem News
A C-5 aircraft worker will receive a $10,000 reward for his idea which has extended the life of aircraft flap carriages by more than four years. Wayne Addison saw a problem with the existing procedure and developed an alternative...

...Addison developed a means for the machine shop to remove the center bearing. When that was done, the assembly could be overhauled, thus saving the cost of a new assembly. He estimates the shop saved more than $200,000 the first year the new procedure was introduced, and more than $1 million to date...

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