Thursday, September 28, 2006

Clouds, clouds, and more clouds!

CLICK HERE and gaze at the wonder of nature


Wickedpinto said...

I miss mountains.

Being from Indiana, I didn't see a mountain except to drive through them, generaly at night. When I lived in two-nine, I would walk out of my barracks/dorm, and look at the scenery and think that I was on a movie set staring at a matt painting.

Someone who grows up having never seen mountains or even real hills in their real life, I almost created the impression that they didn't exist, but I remember at two-nine walking out and loving the sight of gods creation every day. I thought I was living in a movie. While everyone else was complaining about the heat (I didn't, chicagoish heat fucking SUCKS! I can deal with 100 degree's at high altitude without a thought) I stared off into the distance with a determination that I was gonna walk up those flogging mountains so that I knew they were real.

I just couldn't register that they were.

I had the same experience in oki. Off the coast, in the bay near Kinser, there is a shipwreck, literaly a ship that was grounded and then brok in half, and I would walk out to my car, and think to myself "BULLSHIT! thats not real!" so one day during low tide, my friends and I carried a couple cases of bear out to the ship wreck, sat on that fucker (I don't recommend it, more than a little dangerous and a lot rusty) and got drunk as the tide came in, then we swam back to our barracks. I have a picture somewhare. Kinser, two nine, nature, and the world in general is filled with a beauty that most think only exists in film or in art.

It doesn't, it is everywhere.

Purple Avenger said...

I love the southwest desert.