Monday, September 11, 2006

The Clinton legacy

Just saying...

[You can generate your own tombstones HERE]

If Ace got you here pimping the headstone, why not stay a while and check out the six foot long scorpions and how well Harry Reid fares against one, or how we bombed the NVA with a toilet bowl during the vietnam war.

The digital pocket Koran is kinda cool too.

That Yoplait yogurt is colored with crushed bugs is a must read.

And Geraldo investigating Ace's mysterious disappearance is worth a look.

The Guardian's pathetic defense of the phony Red Cross ambulance story is disgusting and shameful too.

Check out the Terminator acting as bodyguard for Jesus video. Funny stuff.


MikeT said...

That's a great one. Did you generate it?

Purple Avenger said...

The idea for that one was indeed mine ;->

Purple Avenger said...

Feel free to spread it around.

dave said...

Good one!