Friday, September 15, 2006

On the virtue of killing children

I read Grim's compelling piece back when it was written over a month ago. I read it again today. I will probably read it again whenever I'm tempted to waver or go soft when something unpleasant happens. I've bookmarked it as a reminder about how deadly serious this struggle is that we are in and how our emotions can lead us astray from doing what must be done lest the law of unintended consequences rule.

Please go read it all.

Black 5
..."It must be," I tell her sadly, "Here: That we pursue war without thought of the children. That we do not turn aside from the death of the innocent, but push on to the conclusion, through all fearful fire. If we do that, the children will lose their value as hostages, and as targets: if we love them, we must harden our hearts against their loss. Ours and theirs."

"How can that be right?" she wonders.

"It cannot be," I must say. "Love should always rise, above war and fear and death. Love should always be first, and not last, in our hearts. It should never be that love brings wrong, and disdain brings right...
Leftwing moonbats will find a counterpoint argument HERE. Its not nearly as compelling, but at least one of them took a stab at it.

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