Friday, September 08, 2006

Fish are smart enough to avoid traps & negotiate mazes

OK, I realize I've been a bit too serious about the middle east and Islam lately -- my bad. Now its time for some oddball stuff that's not so serious.

People who claim that goldfish can't remember things that happened more than three seconds ago are talking nonsense, an Australian biologist said on Sunday.

Fish that Sydney academic Culum Brown has experimented with could find their way out of a trap he set them - and remember how they did it for at least a year afterwards.

Macquarie University's Brown told the Sun Herald that his fish could negotiate an underwater maze by spotting the difference between signs with green triangles and those with red squares.

The smartest in the school read the signs and reached the stash of fish food quickly but even the slowest got the hang of it eventually and found their way to the feeding station.

Even out of the laboratory, fish display intelligence. Brown found that, to get away from what they thought was a predator, fish in rocky pools at the seaside would jump from one pool to another; they couldn't do that unless they had a mental map of where the different pools were.

That fish aren't completely stupid has implications for how we interact with them, Brown said...

But how are we to interact with "completely stupid" liberals? I want science to answer this for me ;->

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