Friday, September 29, 2006

Another florida stripper bust

I hereby offer my "services" as a professional "investigator" to the Hillsborough County sheriff's office. I feel certain I can accomplish this kind of "investigation" for say $3,000 -- a savings of 50% to the taxpayers.

Tampa Bay 10
Tampa, Florida (AP) — County records show Hillsborough County officers spent more than $6,000 for 92 lap dances, drinks and tips in an investigation into nudity and liquor law violations at an adult bikini bar.

The investigation spanned more than two years.

Sheriff David Gee says sometimes that's what it takes to get rid of problems.

Gee says vice detectives first targeted Lil Tootsie's nightclub after deputies responded to numerous calls ranging from violence to DUI arrests.

The agency recently asked county commissioners to revoke the club's special permit to serve alcohol.

Records show sheriff's detectives sought 41 misdemeanor nudity charges against 15 dancers at the club, but were unable to identify another 34 dancers.


Wickedpinto said...

Personaly I hate strip clubs, I don't know why so many men, especialy married men are attracted to them. Maybe my downfall is the fact that I got mine, can get mine, and learned to not care about getting me mine anymore, since I'm something of an adult, with more experience than those fucksticked men who resent being married to good women. (might also have to do with my fury that a few female relatives have been strippers and such, making me create a different sort of identity for the chicks who shake their asses for cash)

But, This practice is just plain retarded.

Purple Avenger said...

Really they make no sense here in South FL. You can go down to South Beach and see the rolling tittie and freak shows walking down the street 7x24 for free.

Every few years I'll go down there just as a way to recalibrate myself and get reconvinced I'm not all that weird ;-> Well...other than the dead hobo collection in the basement that is.