Wednesday, September 13, 2006

French pilots bombed Iran for Saddam

Of course they did. Saddam wanted the job done and done right. He was flying a lot of French aircraft at the time, so why not have the pilots most experienced with that equipment moonlight? Makes perfect sense.

Is it really true? I don't know. Commentary Mag doesn't give a source for this assertion, but it certainly sounds like something the French would do ;-> The Russians have done similar things for people who drop a lot of cash with them on military hardware.

A bit of riteous payback perhaps? In 1979 the Iranians canceled a big contract with the French for a nuclear power plant.

Commentary Magazine
...At that point, one reactor (Bushehr I) was declared by the Germans to be 85-percent complete and the other (Bushehr II) 50-percent complete. Both were subsequently damaged during the war with Iraq that lasted until 1988, chiefly in air strikes flown by seconded French pilots. Siemens was asked to return to finish the work but, knowing that the German government would never allow the contract to proceed, refused...
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Fuck Bush said...

You should get a life.

Purple Avenger said...

Oh my, such venom, such hatred.

The truth hurts doesn't it when your "socialist heros" are shown to be duplicitous weasles.

Oh, BTW, the French were second only to the Russians in supplying Saddam with military hardware. The USA supplied Saddam with less than even Brazil did, so the Brazilians "Made Saddam" more than we ever did.

I know myths shatter hard. Your head probably looks like this right about now.