Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Convicted PRC spy gets only 3 months in prison

Three months at Club Fed seems kinda light to me.

I also want to know who the hell these "current and former intelligence and military officials" who urged the judge to give this treasonous fuck a light sentence are. I want to know why they aren't getting a complete rectal exam vetting and shakedown and why the ones who are "current" aren't currently UNEMPLOYED for vouching for a confessed SPY. Seriously, fuck these people, fuck'em in the ass and damn all these treasonous bastards to hell.


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The judge, Gerald Bruce Lee was a Clinton appointee.

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...U.S. counterintelligence and security officials are upset that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Stephen Cambone, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, were silent on the case of former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Ronald Montaperto. Montaperto was sentenced to three months in prison last week for illegally keeping classified documents and passing sensitive intelligence to Chinese agents...

H/T In From The Cold


CIC Centre
...On Wednesday, 21 June 2006 he plead guilty to one count of unlawful retention of classified national defense information (February 4, 2004) 18 U.S.C. 793(e)...Admitted to verbally providing Chinese military attaches a considerable amount of information that was useful to them, including classified information...

...The information supplied to the Chinese included top secret details of the sale of Chinese military equipment and missiles to the Middle East.

Included both "secret" and "top secret" data.

Had close, continuing, unauthorized relationships with PRC intelligence officers who were assigned as military attaches at the PRC Embassy in Washington, DC...

...BIO: Consultant, Asian Affairs Ronald Montaperto is a Visiting Professor of Political Science at East Carolina University and a consultant on Asian Affairs. He was dean of Academics at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. Previously, he was the Senior Research Professor at the National Defense University. In his distinguished career, he has served as a faculty member in the Political Science Department at Indiana University-Bloomington, Director of East Asian Studies at Indiana University, the Henry L. Stimson Chair of Political Science at the U.S. Army War College, and the Chief of Estimates for China at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He frequently appeared as a guest analyst of Chinese and Asian affairs, and was a Professional Lecturer in Political Science at the George Washington University. He has published four books as well as numerous articles on Asia security issues, Chinese foreign and national security politics and Chinese domestic politics. He co-authored with Gordon Bennett, The Political Biography of Dai Hsiao-ai, which was nominated for a National book Award. Dr. Montaperto earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan...

Washington Times
...was sentenced to three months in prison yesterday -- far shy of four to five years called for in sentencing guidelines. Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said that despite the "very serious charge" against Ronald Montaperto, he was swayed to reduce the sentence based on letters of support from current and former intelligence and military officials...

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