Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moron woman tries to buy $500 hit on another woman.

Seriously, what kind of professional hit are you going to buy for $500? The only one you might get to do a hit for $500 is a very very desperate crackhead who will roll over on you faster than a white collar criminal facing 20 in the slam.

Its like this. A truly quality hit on a random person is going to cost you somewhere in the range of $25,000-$50,000 depending on what sort of accessories and details you desire. If its a high profile victim, the price will be even higher.

Murder isn't cheap...but cheapskates attempt murder

So, don't do your shopping for hitman at Dollar Tree folks, you're guaranteed to be dealing with the police ;->

Associated Press
... She was arrested after she met an undercover Mesa police detective at a grocery store, gave the officer $400 and offered to pay an additional $100 once the woman had been killed, according to court records...

[Update] Related: Woman strangles hit man sent to kill her. As I said previously, cheapskates. A pro won't have a long police record of past violence and attempted murder, because they've never been caught ;->


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just had to look this up for my class. People can be really dumb with MySpace stuff. Just curious, how do you know so much about the cost of murder? If you want to comment on our discussion the here's the link:$88

Purple Avenger said...

how do you know so much about the cost of murder?

I used to hang around with some NYC detectives who knew some real hitmen and how they operated.