Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dante's fight with cancer

I flip through the referring log for this blog on occasion to see what brought people here. A number of the blogs I now link to or visit myself with some regularity caught my eye by showing up on that log first, so its a good thing.

One showed up in the log today that deserves a mention - Fries are done. This blog chronicles a fight a 2 year old buy is having with cancer. Its heart wrenching stuff that makes even my jaded eyes a little misty. Undoubtedly there's thousands of stories out there similar to Dante's, but his is the one I happened across, and it makes me think of all the others fighting the same battle.

These are very personal battles, the best we as outside observers can hope for, is a glimpse of the titanic struggles actually being lived 7x24x365 by these people and their families.

Some say we as a society have fallen low - people of heroic stature no longer exist anymore. If one were to listen only to the evening news and its parade of fools, this might be an easy opinion to come by. Dante's story convinces me otherwise. There are still heros, sometimes they are small 2 year old ones, but they are there. And they are right before our eyes should we just take the time to look.


Any donations to help Dante can be sent to:

Dante Giuffre
PO Box 7862
St. Petersburg, FL 33734-7862

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