Sunday, September 17, 2006

Aussie environmental minister drinks the Algore Koolaid

Well, I guess if you're "most scientists" in Australia, this means unfortunately that you're a moron.

The "inconvenient truth" here is that Al Gore is a deranged loon pitching obviously bullshit pseudo-science. He isn't going to tell you that the whole solar system is getting warmer, because his whole schtick then vanishes and he returns to a well deserved rest atop the ash heap of history. No, he'd rather have the world spend trillions of dollars on faux fixes for a problem we have little control over.

The "inconvenient truth" here, is that Al Gore is probably more dangerous to the world in the near term than even the Islamofascists are. We can always nuke the Islamofascists when our patience wears thin enough. We can't "unspend" billions wasted on Al Gore's fantasies.

The Australian
ENVIRONMENT Minister Ian Campbell has thrown his support behind the science in Al Gore's climate film An Inconvenient Truth, putting him at odds with John Howard and other senior ministers.

Senator Campbell told the Ten Network's Meet the Press yesterday that Mr Gore was doing important work to raise concerns about climate change.

"My most respected scientists concur with me that the science in vice-president Gore's movie is sound and solid," Senator Campbell said...

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