Thursday, September 14, 2006

Global warming, the cosmic conspiracy

There seems to be some sustained global warming going on on the planets Mars and Jupiter. This is most curious indeed. Not a single human being has ever set foot on those planets yet they're warming up. How can this be?

Neptune's moon Triton is experiencing global warming at an alarming pace. A pace that would raise earth's temperature by 22 degrees in less than 10 years! Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

Even Pluto, our beloved and much maligned orbital "thing", which will always be a planet in my heart, has joined this vast right wing conspiracy and is warming up. Got that? Frozen ass far out there Pluto is getting warmer. Damn you Pluto. I thought you were with us, but you've proven an untrustworthy ally. I weap.

Even Saturn is showing warming. Beautiful and graceful Saturn, appears to have become a co-conspirator in this vast cosmic conspiracy.

Obviously, I blame Bushitler. He and his dark lord Rove are trying to wreck the solar system. They've already compromised the Sun, so ordinary human like us don't stand a chance...

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