Thursday, September 14, 2006

S.2590 "Obama-Coburn" is eyewash for the rubes

I complained about the proposed Senate bill previously declaring it defective in several significant ways. The bill that has passed out of the senate still contains ALL OF THE DEFECTS I previously complained about.

The loopholes in this bill render is virtually useless in fighting pork. The "big ticket" items like Tubes Steven's bridge to nowhere will always be noticed.

What this flawed bill DOES do however is provide "official cover" for death by a thousand cuts. Can anyone really be so foolish as to believe someone who previously would have been angling for $500,000 won't now recast their $500,000 project into a series of seperate $24,000 proposals? Phases. They'll start doing "phased" projects.

Its guaranteed now that anything less than $25K isn't part of the "system". The series of smaller bullshit payouts will fly completely under the radar.

Wake up people. Read the words. Words matter!

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