Friday, September 08, 2006

6' long scorpions


Got that? Scorpions 6' long. I wonder what the outcome would be if one of these critters squared off against Nancy Pelosi? Could Tom Cruise take one? Sean Penn? Rosie O'Donell? The Governator? The prospect of a PPV series of steel cage matches with a six foot long scorpion against today's celebrities just boggles the mind.

Its clear to me we need a crash program to try and recreate the DNA that produced these babys.

The eurypterids were among the largest and most fearsome marine predators of the Paleozoic. While the smallest were only about 10 centimeters, some reached more than two meters (six feet) in length, making them the largest arthropods that ever lived. They arose in the Ordovician, and the last ones went extinct in the Permian. Most have been found in rocks that were laid down in brackish water or freshwater; the earliest groups may have lived in the sea, and some eurypterids may have spent at least short intervals on land.

During the Silurian period of 440-395 million years ago the world was going through a period of immense change...terrorizing the Silurian seas was a new and interesting type of predator-a sea scorpion.

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