Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arizona 9/11 "memorial" scandal - the Diamondbacks connection

Ace is the point man driving this investigation. Unfortunately, comment filters at Ace's site prohibit posting of certin links so I'm posting my little tidbit of research here.

The "Governors commission" of people who were appointed to oversee the construction of this memorial attrocity consists of these people.

I picked a name of the list at random: Rich Dozer, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I then look for Dozer's political contributions over the past few years.

What I find is contribution to McCain, a defacto democrat and several actual democrats:

Grijalva(*) is a liberal democrat.
Byron Dorgan is a liberal democrat.
Ed Pastor is a liberal democrat.

The only thing out of character here is the 2G donation to Bush. Explanable perhaps as lending a veneer of "balance".

(*) Grijalva was implicated in fleecing taxpayers on a sweetheart deal to provide inordinately cheap use of public facilities to minor league baseball teams.

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