Thursday, August 31, 2006

An $80,000 TV...

...for those with more bread than brains.

The day I would consider buying an $80,000 TV is the day I'll blow my brains out for having become a mind numbed droid with nothing left to live for. There are so many better things that $80K can be spent on, that for a market to even exist for such a device is negative commentary on society in itself.

If Ace got you here pimping the $80,000 boob tube, why not stay a while and check out the six foot long scorpions and how well Harry Reid fares against one, or how we bombed the NVA with a toilet bowl during the vietnam war.

The digital pocket Koran is kinda cool too.

That Yoplait yogurt is colored with crushed bugs is a must read.


nanc said...

how absotively right you are! more dollars than sense.

Hoodlumman said...

For 80k, that sucker should be about four times bigger than that. And come with one or both of those spokesmodels.

David Gillies said...

So it's 80 grand now. Wait ten years.

I think it's beautiful that we can make things like this while our enemies can barely make a bicycle.

Purple Avenger said...

I'm a "trailing edge" kinda guy. I get all my technology out of dumpsters. Free is always the right price ;->