Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NYT caught faking Lebanon picture

The "motivation" for the fake is obvious to me. The NYT is trying to put a "diverse" face on the conflict. How better to do that than by injecting the black guy in the middle of a pic (indeed as probably the most prominent person in the pic)? It matters not to them that it is fake -- because it is "fake but accurate" right?

Tyler Hicks == lying scumbag
NYT == lying scumbag

The MSM can not be trusted. The NYT, over the past several years, has blown any credibility it once may have had. They can now safely be lumped in with the Weekly World News. At least WWN does this kind of fakery for entertainment. The NYT does it for much darker more corrupt purposes.

Right Winged
As time went on, it seemed like the obviousness of the photoshop was becoming apparent to Allah, until in the end he gave up on the grounds that he didn't understand what the motivation would have been...

...The controversial image I'm referring to, of course, is the fauxto of Lebanese civilians taking shelter in a hospital in a town called Tibnine (alos Tibneen, Tibnin, and Tibnini), in which a black man's face was CLEARLY photoshopped on to the head of the body of an Arab woman wearing a headscarf. The image remains up at the NY Times' site, and they have not responded to any of my emails.

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