Saturday, August 05, 2006

LGF "leaked" names of AP Qana photo conspirators

The rest of the AP internal e-mail is tedious as is most of the LGF commenters so far. What is important here, that all are missing, is that names have been leaked. The media, like Hollywood stars, thrives on exposure and getting the byline and/or recognition. Photographers, reporters, etc all want their name on record -- its part of their resume.

So, knowing names is the first step in reconstructing and analyzing the historical portfolio of the various people involved in this Qana "production". I find it unlikely that participation in a fabrication of this scope and magnitude would be assigned to a newbie at such things. These people are "pros" -- they will have participated in other "reality manufacturing" projects in the past -- and those projects will have their names attached to them somehow.

Its time to start peeling this AP onion - layer, by freaking layer.

...the Lebanon photo team of Nasser Nasser, Lefteris Pitarakis, Kevin Frayer, Mohammed Zaatari, Ben Curtis, Hussein Malla, Kevork Djansezian and Dalia Khamissy shares this week’s $500 Beat of the Week award.

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