Thursday, August 24, 2006

DHS idiots give CAIR inside look at anti-terror efforts

Seriously, are these DHS people on drugs? Have they gone over to the other side? Either way, they're obviously dangerous and need to be removed...NOW.

Douglas Farah
Seems like DHS, in an effort to reach out to the Muslim community to calm fears of profiling, decided to take leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on a VIP, behind-the scenes tour of its new counter-terrorism measures...


MikeT said...

And the best part about this is that they took the group that is most likely to be a front organization into their trust! With people like this in charge, I think we would just be better off firing everyone, cutting the federal budget and arming private citizens along the lines of the Minutemen on the border.

Terror-Free said...

Islamofascist CAIR Doesn't Like the Term "Islamic Fascist": FNC video, 8/14/6

CAIR Terrorist Apologist Blames Israel, FNC video, 8/12/6

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