Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto takes aim on south Florida

Looks like Ernesto is a wimp so far. Its slid a bit off to the west. Just breezy with some rain so far.

Looks like I'm directly in Ernesto's sights with storm effects to start in ernest sometime in the next two days.

Plywood is up on the windows. Only took about two hours today because of a fastner system I installed a few years ago. A tapcon like thing with a threaded stud that sticks out of the wall. Slap the predrilled ply into place and zip on some wingnuts and you're done. Last year I painted the plywood, so it shouldn't get as waterlogged and heavy when its time to take it down now.


Kris to the Tee said...

I know it's coming but I can't bring myself to put up anything. The gas stations are already drying up...great...

Purple Avenger said...

Kris -- "the fever" has definately kicked in.

I saw gas lines about 1/4 mile long. If I want anything before this hits, I'm going out at 3:00am to get it when all these other fools are in bed ;->

The Merry Widow said...

Hey, I'm up in Brevard, beachside! By the looks of it, I may not even put up plywood, I do have hurricane windows! I did get gas last night, the lines weren't bad, but some stations were running out of gas! We got a new Lowes down the road, so if I need I'll go battle the crowds,already have most of what I need, the generator works. Good luck down there! hunker down with a good book.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!