Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Muslim showdown in the PRC you didn't hear about

If this sort of community warfare can happen in the PRC, it can happen ANYWHERE. If this crap with the muslims continues, it will happen in the USA and europe. If the PRC can't suppress it, NOBODY can suppress it. Its going to be "Chicago rules".

In These Times
Government blocks foreign journalists from reporting on Han-Hui riot

“Everyone here’s gone mad. … people who used to live together now want to kill each other,” ...

...On October 28, this small village of about 1500 Han Chinese and 500 Hui Muslims in China’s central Henan province exploded into violence after a minor altercation between members of the two communities...

...Fighting between the two communities raged for hours, Ma says, leaving more than 100 dead, more than 400 injured, and several houses and vehicles burned...

...“Thousands of [Han] people surrounded [Nanren village] with bulldozers and tractors and wanted to smash all the Hui houses,” says Zhujian Jun, 32, a carpenter in Zhongmou, a town about 20 miles south of Nanren...

...authorities moved quickly to quell the violence, but it was so ferocious that at least 15 policemen were killed before officials called in special paramilitary troops, sources say.

...foreign journalists are still banned from entering the area. Those caught trying are detained by authorities...

Addendum(swiped from my comments at Ace's joint):

The muslims better deal with this problem, or STUFF LIKE THIS is going to start happening in the US and UK.

I went to SUNY Potsdam (a tiny college in the middle of nowhere near the Canadian border) for my undergrad degree. My junior year was 79' when they took over the US embassy in Tehran.

There was one Iranian student at the college at the time (well off...undoubtedly a Shah supporting family). It didn't matter to somebody in town if his mother was Mother Theresa herself -- that poor SOB wound up drowned and floating in the Raquet river that runs through the center of town. Nominally dismissed as an "accident", everyone on campus knew somebody greased him over the embassy thing.

It CAN get ugly. It HAS been ugly in the past. These dumbasses better wise up because what's going on now is a lot more serious than the embassy takeover was.

May that poor guy's soul rest in peace. Its a story I needed to tell though because it hit too close to home.

H/T Democracy Frontline

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