Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stupid criminal tricks -- dumping bodies using stolen cars

a) Why only 2nd degree murder? This seems like a slamdunk 1st degree murder rap with a "fast track" into old sparky's "hotseat".

b) I keep telling these dumbasses, not to whack the hookers, but noooo, they gotta do the working girl anyway cuz they're too damn cheap to pay her, and then, to top it off, do it in a car you swiped and did a robbery in. Smart. Real smart.

Seriously, I'm offended by people this violent and pathetically stupid breathing my air. Hookers aren't angels, but they deserve better than to meet their fate at the hands of some deranged retard puke like this who going to roll'em up in a sheet for a one-way trip to a remote ditch in the Everglades somewhere.

NBC (Ft. Myers FL)
Around 3:30 a.m. Friday, the deputy stopped at the Green Wave Motel on Palm Beach Boulevard and saw a Honda Accord he believed was involved in a robbery. He ran the plate and discovered the car had been stolen.

The deputy called for back up. While waiting, the deputy witnessed the man leave his room carrying a large, heavy object concealed by bed sheets.

The object in bed sheets was actually the body of a woman in her 40's from Fort Myers. Deputies say he tied her hands and feet with lace from her wig and strangled her. The woman has been arrested in the past for prostitution and drug use.

Other deputies arrived and Rodriguez was arrested. He has been charged with second degree murder.


MikeT said...

Well, with that many felonies, he'd be a goner in Virginia. A commonwealth attorney would nail his ass for death row without any problem. Guys like this are the only type of people that, in my opinion, deserve to have their motives cheerfully ignored and be automatically sent to the gallows without remorse with that guilty verdict. 3 major violent felonies in apparently one day, 3 strikes like that, you're out!

Purple Avenger said...

Yea, he pretty much hit for the cycle there ;->

triticale said...

And those dear sweet people who oppose the death penalty would say we should leave this scuzzbunny alive so he could be punished by all the remorse they believe he would suffer.

digitalbrownshirt said...

I'm all for executing this guy, but it does look like a second degree case to me. The DA's office would have to prove that he intended to kill her before the opportunity. Since he strangled her with found materials (the wig material) it might be argued that he killed her on the spur of the moment. The DA's office is in the business of winning cases, not just presenting them. It would make sense to go with something that had a better chance of getting a conviction and unfortunately the victim's occupation might play during the punishment phase. Not good, but very true.