Monday, August 21, 2006

Shocker: Idiot Brits may have armed Hezbollah via Iran

Right. The Brits give Iran NV gear ostensibly to "combat heroin smuggling" and then expect it to actually be used for that? As a Cuban friend of mine would say: "what? are you high?!?! Get off the crack pipe!"

Either the Brits are a bunch of moronic drooling retards, or they had a good idea of where this stuff would wind up. Oh yea, it was for a "UN" program though...the Iranians would never misuse anything for "UN program" now would they?

Britain said Monday that it is investigating a report that Israeli soldiers found British-made night-vision goggles in a Hezbollah hideout...

...The Times newspaper reported Monday that Israeli officials believe the goggles may be from a consignment sold to Iran by Britain in 2003.

The sale was intended to bolster Iranian efforts to combat heroin smuggling across the Afghan border as part of the United Nations Drugs Control Program, the newspaper claimed...

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