Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Girl's passport photo "offensive" to muslims

So France is "muslim country" now...at least according to some UK passport official(s).

A five-year-old girl's passport application was rejected because her photograph showed her bare shoulders.

The contentious passport photo Hannah Edwards's mother, Jane, was told that the exposed skin might be considered offensive in a Muslim country.

The photograph was taken at a photo-booth at a local post office for a family trip to the south of France...
H/T Democracy Frontline


uncoolmangy said...
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uncoolmangy said...

Everyone seems keen on appeasing a section of the world which is holding the entire world to ransom, being raised , brain-washed to think that elimination of the other is the only way!

We have had bomb blasts occurring at regular intervals in India ,but there has been no strong response in retaliation-has been helped in large measure by some wishy-washy leadership everywhere.