Saturday, August 26, 2006

Howell Raines: NYT editorial page not biased

I would humbly suggest that it was perhaps not CSPAN that was being watched...rather the "open mic" night tryouts at the Comedy Club. Either that or Raines is a commie tool of epic proportion.

Heartland Murmers
So I'm a news junkie. I admit that while flipping through the channels I'll land on CSPAN and watch long enough to see whose talking, and then some. Anyway, in doing so the other night I happened upon a Mr. Howell Raines the erstwhile editor of the New York Times who either resigned or was fired over the whole Jayson Blair journalistic fraud scandal...

journalism. In an answer to a question regarding editorial bias he said, I'm paraphrasing here;

"I don't believe the New York Times editorial page was biased under my management or is today, but some time ago the editorial page at the Wall Street Journal became a wholey-owned subsidiary of the Republican Party."


Aunty Belle said...

Raines is a smug hypocrite. In his book (hyped on the C-Span) he oozes worry that cable news and blogs are unvetted "sources" and that "amoral" Murdoch (owner of Fox News) "makes up news"--but the Times and its coterie are "turstworthy". I howled aloud when I read that --oh, I see, the TIMES is so vetted that Jayson slipped right by you. Ok.

You can tell a lot about a fella who spends six chapters telling you how superior he is because he catches his prize fish then releases them....but who never sees his hypocracy--he is far less respectful for tormenting a marlin for 8 hours just to release it, after he, a rich man, has taken his pleasure from the fish.

I respect the poor man who goes ahead and eats what he catches, and even a rich man who cathces the fish and let's the locals enjoy it.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Avenger,
I'se so pleased ya' came by the Back Porch....take care in the storm, Ok?

Does ya read Study of Revenge? we have a good time over theah: