Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leftists who won't make you projectile vomit instantly

Normally, when I hear the word "manifesto" spoken other than in jest, I do three things -- in this order:

a) Projectile vomit

b) Reach for the closest pistol at hand then start blazing away at whoever uttered it.

c) Quickly bury the evidence in my lilly patch.

However, I'm willing to make an exception for this Euston crew. Yes, they seem somewhat naive, and sure they seem occasionally in denial about human nature and the nature of our enemies.

But, here is the difference -- they seem to recognize that America, with all its flaws, still has something special. They seem not inclined to actively work in support of America's enemies simply because of the BDS that infects much of the left these days.

Heck, maybe 70% of their positions I can even agree with to some degree. Give it a look. Its a refreshing change from the NYT traitors and unhinged moonbats infesting the left in America today.

Euston Manifesto

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MikeT said...

Their primary objections seem to be:

1) He's doing a lot of what they wanted credit for.
2) He's not doing enough of it for their tastes.
3) He's not one of them.

By many a Bush supporter's standards, I have "BDS." I can't stand the man. I think he is a left-wing scoundrel in the mold of Bill Clinton who makes Clinton look like an angel in the greater scheme of things on national sovereignty and civil rights.

Check out some of Bush's "accomplishments" on united North America under a continental union under the guise of the SPP. It'll show you precisely why he is not doing anything of substance on important issues like border security.