Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PERA could throttle ACLU extortionist vampires

It used to be that the ACLU had a good reputation. Alas, those days are as gone as gasoline at $.25/gallon and the oh so politically incorrect, extravagantly tailfinned, 1961 Cadillac Coupe you might have pumped that $.25/gallon "hi test" into. The 61' Coupe De Ville, as a concept, has aged much better than the ACLU has.

The ACLU has morphed from an organization of liberation to an organization of repression and extortion - really not much better than a bunch of mafia thugs extorting protection money - in essence, vampires. People commonly think the ACLU is funded by donations and lawyers doing "pro bono" work on its behalf. To a degree this is true. However, the ACLU also collects millions in "attorney fees", even when all the work was done pro bono, that idiot judges award it.

Stop the ACLU
...Moreover, the threat of imposition of orders to pay ACLU’s attorney fees in such cases has caused third parties, like The American Legion and other non-profit organizations, to suffer a chilling effect on their First Amendment rights to participate in such lawsuits to protect veterans’ memorials.

S. 3696 (PERA), and H.R. 2679 (PERA), would put an end to that abuse of benevolently intended laws by the ACLU, or anyone else following the ACLU’s precedents, for instance, Islamist terrorists or their sympathizers in our midst.

This reform of the law should be supported by all Americans across all party, ideological, philosophical, or religious lines.

Simply put, the ACLU’s profiteering at taxpayer-expense by exploitation of benevolently intended civil rights laws intended to benefit poor people is a disgrace...

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MikeT said...

If you want to support a real charity that does the civil liberties work, check out the libertarian Institute for Justice. They have a pretty good portfolio of cases they have handled, and they were the ones who faught Kelo v. New London (no one could have won that one).

Once I get my college debt paid off, I plan to send them a small donation every month.