Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Killer aborted hit on "red" Ken Livingstone

It is unfortunate he had to abort. Livingstone is a vile commie and one of the prime architects of the downfall of Britain.

Daily Mail
Michael Stone, the most infamous hitman of the Northern Ireland conflict, has confessed to planning to murder Ken Livingstone. The former Loyalist assassin has revealed in an interview how he stalked London's Mayor when he was leader of the GLC in the Eighties.

He was within three days of carrying out the plan, he said, but it was called off because the operation had been penetrated by an informer...

...Stone says he viewed Mr Livingstone as "a legitimate target" because he was giving support and credibility to McGuinness and Adams. He says of the assassination plot: "One of my biggest regrets is that I had to call it off."

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