Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is there a witchdoctor in the house?

Socialized medicine. Long waits, low quality, and witchdoctors. What's not to like? I'm waiting for my neighbor, a Santeria priestess, to get certified. She works cheap - bring a live chicken as payment and she's happy.

A family planning doctor told a patient that she had "something sinister" moving in her stomach and needed an exorcism to ward off evil spirits, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.

Dr Joyce Pratt, 44, informed the young woman that she was being tormented by black magic and sent her away with crosses and stones to protect her. She also claimed to have visionary powers and told the patient that her mother was a witch who was planning to kill her, it was alleged.

Dr Pratt, who worked for the NHS Westside Contraceptive Services in Westminster, London, is accused of serious professional misconduct and was due to face a General Medical Council "fitness to practise" panel in Manchester yesterday.[...]
H/T Expressus

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