Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do I creep you out?

Weird Al has a winner here.

Weird Al doesn't creep me out, but this asshat from the Muslim Thinkers Society does. The link is an audio clip from an interview on Glenn Beck's show where a dude from the MTS calls in. Chilling stuff. I would hope the new democrat majority in congress all listen to this Beck interview.

H/T Neocon Command Center


Brooke said...

A Dhimmocrat will tell you that this guy is just an extremist, and we shouldn't worry about him because he's on the 'fringe'.

I say he's an enemy of the state and should be treated accordingly.

BTW, Isn't Weird Al great? :D

Elmer's Brother said...

Is Glenn sure he meant sweat and not blood?

Purple Avenger said...

Dude was dancing like Fred Astaire wasn't he ;->