Thursday, November 30, 2006

More crazy patents - frameless glasses

I got a better idea. Put a plastic tab on the top side of the lense(s) and just use a pneumatic nail gun to attach them to the wearer's forehead with 12 penny framing nails.

A frameless glassware assembly attaching to body piercing studs. Design consisting of an elastomeric C-clip fixedly attached to one distal end of a metal arm, which is attached to a frameless glass lens assembly. Design allows for frameless eyeglass attachment to the eyebrow studs or to the nose studs of a user via the elastomeric C-clip. One embodiment allows the frameless glassware to attach to eyebrow studs and the second allows the frameless glassware to attach to a nose stud. Both designs are frameless and avoid side wire earpieces common to hold glassware to the face of a user.

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