Thursday, November 23, 2006

A delightful little industrial fraud.

Not nuke, not wind, not solar. Anyone want to invest in a perpetual motion machine ;->

Tim's take HERE.

Snake oil sales at its finest it would appear. Good buzz words to lure in the eco-moonbats with cash laden wallets. Smooth, albeit content free, presentations. Media kits, INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.

Book your flight to Arcturus NOW before they're all sold out! Reminds me of the sales pitch for Bre-X's claimed Busang gold strike. I actually made about $10K off the Bre-X scam years ago. Got out well before the crash.

...Although Nikkogen is a new company, our engineering skill base experience exceeds 125 years and is built on heavy engineering, electrical power station support, energy control system design, installation and maintenance.

We have a global license to manufacture/market zero-emission Prime Mover Systems that are designed to drive large electrical alternators to generate clean carbon-free electricity...
H/T Tim Worstall

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