Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The moonbat's FrankenFood quandry

UC Davis has apparently identified a gene in wheat that somehow got lost along the way as wheat became domesticated. The gene in question has been proven definitively to greatly enhance the nutritional value of wheat and is present in wild strains of wheat.

It seems this gene could be turned back on or restored in the domesticated strains allowing them to become more nutritious.

What a puzzle this is for the Franken-food crowd. You've got a "natural" trait, yet reintroducing it will require genetic manipulation of the food. Cognitive dissonance.

The Davis Enterprise
Researchers at UC Davis, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the University of Haifa in Israel have cloned a gene from wild wheat that increases the protein, zinc and iron content in the grain, potentially offering a solution to nutritional deficiencies affecting hundreds of millions of children around the world, the university announced.

Results from the study are reported in Friday’s issue of the journal Science...

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Wickedpinto said...

Fucking pricks, they don't mind eating corn, which is one of the first franken foods, I mean basicly, it's WHEAT with 14" friggen fronds!

WHEAT isn't WHEAT! Wheat is Gras that produces inch or more long fronds, rather than the microscopic near sporelike activities of other grasses.

RICE! isn't RICE!

the 3 most common foodstuffs are manipulated through cross fertilization, and manipulated environment!

OOOOH! I hate these guys.