Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Hugo Chavez deals with "dissidents"

Stalin would be proud.

Assassinated or missing
1. Carlos Augusto Aumatrie (assassinated)
2. Juan Carlos Urbano Lugo (assassinated)
3. Jose Manuel Vilas LiƱera (assassinated)
4. Omar Arturo Morales
5. Juan Jose Perez
6. Juan Ernesto Sanchez
7. Andres Bastidas Guedes
8. Jose Luis Rodriguez
9. Eduardo Jose Miranda
10. Julio Cesar Gomez
11. Rafael Tomas Pulido Marcano (APPEARED BADLY TORTURED)
12. Pedro Jose Sanchez Robles (assassinated)
13. William Alvarez Morales (assassinated)


beakerkin said...

The left remains silent. I am so shocked

Purple Avenger said...

*chirp* *chirp*

beakerkin said...

Well at least nobody is missing. I am trying to figure out the rationale for banning Beer Trucks in Hugo's wonderland.