Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A plea from an Iraqi we all need to read

The Mesopotamian
[...]The consequences of failure are unthinkable not only for us, the Iraqis, but also for all free people in the world with the American people foremost, whether they belong to this party or that. Never mind the chorus of America haters, and all the discordant din of international hypocrisy. This fight against terrorism is more just than the struggle against fascism and Nazism was. There can be no neutrals in this battle. The terrorists are worst than the fascists, these killers specializing in murdering and torturing the innocent are by far more heinous than any other kind of vermin. No decent human being can find any excuses for these zombies. Worst still, anybody who heaps invective against those confronting this inhuman evil, is almost as guilty as the beast himself. America was not always right, but this time by God, its fight is as just as the sun is bright in an Iraqi summer day. Anybody who cannot see this is as blind in heart as in sight[...]

[...]America seems to have become confused and loosing sight of the fundamentals of the issue and even who the real enemy is. Of course this was aided by a massive propaganda assault aimed directly at the American public from abroad and from within. Yet this is absolutely not a partisan issue. It is tragic that this matter is used for partisan purposes and for electoral considerations. When the ship of state starts sinking, it will take down everybody with it. You ask us Iraqis about this. And this is war, my friends. You can’t have half wars. In war you just have to go all the way. You either win or lose, and if you lose you are lost. In no other situation is this more true than this our war.

Democrat or republican, America has no option but to find a way to win this war. All real Americans must be as sure of that as all real Iraqis.


Brooke said...

Great post; I'll link to it if you don't mind!

Joe Gringo said...

Excellent. Yes America has become confused and is losing sight of its fundamentals and what made the USA so great, VDH hits on this very well

Cataphract said...

Purple, what's your major malfunction? What amuses me is the idea that any who oppose your strict world view are un-american. You guys would love, LOVE, a fascist society. ANY TIME YOU LIMIT WHAT AMERICANS SHOULD THINK, YOU CEASE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AMERICAN.

Purple Avenger said...

any who oppose your strict world view

What precisely would this "world view" you accuse me of having be?

If its a desire to not have a repeat of the Cambodian killing fields and several million dead, I suppose I'm guilty of having THAT world view.

Massive body counts have been a historical specialty of the left, so I suppose you wouldn't my "world view" about that sort of thing..

cube said...

I hear you, purple avenger!

Cataphract said...

Ok, Cambodia. I agree. I'm not saying you did, but if that is the belief of so many that seem to frequent your blog, why were so many neocons opposed to involvement at the Field of Blackbirds?

The Repulican Senate was very, very much against that.

Purple Avenger said...

why were so many neocons opposed to involvement at the Field of Blackbirds?

If I had to guess, perhaps because we didn't break it, so it wasn't our problem?

Cambodia and the boat people were very much the direct result of a feckless democrat congress though.