Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How NOT to do an assassination

Pretty amateur if you ask me. What kind of moronic plotters give the press a heads up they're going to whack someone?

Blacksmiths of Lebanon
Al Seyassah daily learned from authoritative sources in Beirut, that one of the editors of the Syrian National News Agency (SANA) placed a phone call to a pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper at 3:05 pm on Tuesday. The caller inquired about the details of the assassination of Lebanese Minister for Industry Pierre Gemayel, raising eyebrows at the Lebanese newpaper. The timing of phone call was 55 minutes before the assassination was carried out.
H/T Sandmonkey


cranky said...

Fucking times zones will screw you every time you try to get cute.


Yazan said...

I might ask, are u that ignorant with geography?
Damascus and Beirut are 1 hour by car.. there's no time zones.. the whole news is just a pathetic stunt by an arab tabloid.