Friday, November 10, 2006

Draw your own conclusions

I offer this without comment because I don't know what to think of it yet. It purports to be a suppressed documentary/expose.

After a bit more research, I'm pretty convinced this is a fraud carefully woven around some genuine misdeeds. The very best propaganda is always woven into actual truth.


Wickedpinto said...

I think I saw this a year or two ago. First, it's a hoax, at least in terms of it being for the discovery channel in '92. Maybe it was pitched (not likely) to TDC, but I doubt it. I might get bored and look up how long TDC has been around, and their corporate parents and stuff, but not likely.

Also, the production is shit. also 1/4-1/2 mil? a margin of error of 100%? no.

The thing it reminds me of most? Old frontline farmer episodes, where they would buy independant docu's like "death of a princess" (which is complete shit) and others.

Don't bother, there is also one floating around about international corruption that was supposedly meant for TDC based on the bilderbergers or whatever the spelling.

Alex Jones lunacy operating under false pretenses for publicity.

Major argument proving. If this was set for release in 92, that was 14 years ago, that means that the children so commonly used at "boystown" are of age. One of them would have talked, and loudly.

Purple Avenger said...

Also, the production is shit.

Yes it is. For something to be aired in a few days, there was a lot of editing left to do.

Now that I think about it, a republican "scandal" of this magnitude would have been valuable to Clinton at the time. It makes no sense that it would not have gone forward. Torch Reno would have rejoiced at digging into something like this.

Elmer's Brother said...

wikipedia has the scoop on this.