Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moonbat accuses Bush daughter of transmitting STD's

Meet the unhinged completely unmedicated left posting over at Dan Riehl's place.
I'd be petulant too, if my son were in a war that Bush started and can't finish whil[e] his kids are transmitting STD's in Argentina.
Normally I don't make much out of remarks like this because I make them myself frequently. When I do it though, its done with a measure of jest which I attempt to convey to the reader rather than pure white hot ideological BDS hatred.

The person who made this comment has a LONG history over at Dan's place firmly establishing themselves as one of the most crazed unmedicated trolls plying blogs these days. Hater trolls like to hide in the shadow of comment threads, but this one just earned a post all their own.


Brooke said...


What an asshat.

Phoenix said...


I can't comment at Dan's - some glitch with Typepad... but wanted to say "Yay!" to you for doing this. I read the comment and just gasped. That particular troll is nasty and relentless. Unbelievable!