Thursday, November 17, 2005

Giant camels found in Syria

Modern camels are lothsome creatures as everyone knows. They smell, are stubborn, and can have vile dispositions. Were it not for their unique capabilities, most people would consider them no better than huge landroving wharf rats. Now we find that they used to come in a "super size" model as well?!? I'm having a hard time getting my head around the implications of a giraffe sized camel. Would you run away? Worship it? Harness it? Eat it? Maybe stake it out and use it for shade? The concept just shatters all notions of everyday prehistoric man's life as we have understood it thusfar. Giant. Freaking. Camels.

Swiss researchers say they have found the fossil remains of gigantic camels - as tall as giraffes - that roamed the steppes of central Syria some 100,000 years ago ... "We immediately realised that the bones belonged to a previously unknown, extinct species," ... found more than 20 fossil remains ... suggest that the prehistoric camels were almost double the size of their modern-day relatives.
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