Sunday, October 09, 2005

stench of thousands of rotting sea-urchin carcasses

Q: How could the neighbors not notice this previously?
A: The stench of MA politics has made them immune to bad smelling stuff.

City health inspectors, drawn by the overpowering stench of thousands of rotting sea-urchin carcasses, uncovered what they say was an illegal seafood-processing plant on Middlesex Street.

I got a call (Tuesday) from an ambulance company saying ‘I drove by it and thought there might be a dead body in the building' because it did smell like a cadaver,” said city Health Director Frank Singleton. “You've got thousands of little bodies. It's almost like one big corpse.”

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sandy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Interesting statement about 10' of air having an R rating of 120. I've never heard that before. The scientists can't seem to agree as to the sun cooling or getting hotter. Me, I'm just glad it's there.