Sunday, November 13, 2005

When will the Chavez invasion of Curacao begin?

Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks Chavez has designs on Curacao now ;->

Publis Pundit has noticed something is going on.

VCrisis is onboard.

He's not looking to buy 50 or so new top line Russian fighters and 40 Russian helicopters and 100,000 new Russian assault rifles because he likes their nifty paint jobs. He's already got a servicible bunch of US, Brit, and French gear in inventory that was more than enough to maintain VE's security.

For a supposed "populist" this is some heavy jack being spent on weaponry that might otherwise be spent doing something useful for the people of VE.

There is something cooking here. After much thought, I've concluded the target is most likely Curacao.

  • Curacao has one of the THE largest refineries on the planet.

  • Curacao has extensive drydock and facility.

  • It has some oil.

  • Its VERY close to the VE coast.

  • Its owned by the Dutch who probably wouldn't defend it.

  • The invasion would be a fait acompli before NATO could do anything

  • Chavez is sending troops and officers for "training" in Cuba.

  • 60 new Russian Migs is a lot of air superiority cover for an island just off the VE coast.

  • Connect the dots - Curacao is a phat target ripe for the picking and there's not a damn thing the Dutch, the US or Nato could do about preventing it because it is so close to the VE coast. Chavez WOULD succeed in taking Curacao. Once that is done, O.I.L. becomes his most effective weapon to keep the west at bay.

    Why THIS STORY about Chavez threatening to turn over his F-16's to Cuba and China never made the news in the US is pretty interesting.
    VENEZUELA'S president has threatened to give Cuba and China F-16 fighter aircraft from his arsenal, insisting that the US has failed to fulfil its maintenance commitments for the combat planes.

    President Hugo Chavez, who has overtaken his ally Fidel Castro of Cuba as the regional nemesis for the Bush White House, said: "We can do whatever we want with the planes. Maybe we'll send 10 to Cuba, or maybe to China so that they can see the technology."

    The donation or sale of the F-16s would violate agreements concerning the exchange of military hardware without US permission and put further strain on relations between the two countries. However, the Venezuelan F-16s were bought in 1983 and are not believed to contain any sensitive technology.


    Helen said...

    You're forgetting Bird Island that is off Dominica and which Chavez has seized. That is oil rich territory. The question is why did Venezuela seize Bird Island which is so far away from her shores that she can have no claim to it? She could be fronting for Castro.

    As for Curaçao, it's not likely. It's too big a move in the U.S.'s backyard. We would not let the Cuban invasion of Curaçao go unchallenged.

    Bird Island now, Castro's puppet Chavez has made the first move. If the U.S. does not counter that move, then Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, Guyana all had better watch out.

    Great post.

    Purple Avenger said...

    The reason I think he might try Curacao (other than the oil) is it is SOOO close. If Chavez were to pull a Kaddafi at some point and claim a 300 mile territorial limit...

    A line from the north end of the Punto Fijo pennsula to La Asuncion almost touches Curacao. Its almost an identical setup to the Gulf Of Sidra we got into the dustup over.

    Note also that Curacao is somewhat to the west -- where Chavez has been pimping for the FARC along the Columbian border.

    It would not be too hard to construct a border "excercise" that at the last minute swings a bit northwest.

    I think it all comes down to does he believe he has the USA over enough of a barrel with the O.I.L. that he can dictate to us. He might.

    Chavez and Castro are surely cooking up some sort of scheme. Fidel would undoubtedly like a bit of payback for the Granada thing.

    Purple Avenger said...

    Oops, meant to say "north-east" for the border excercise, not north west.

    F16 said...

    Chavez today presents a bigger danger perhaps then Hitler in the second World war.Chavez has more then enough fire power to take any of the Caribean islands that waht was impossible for Cuba to accomplish is at his hand.Chavez is a direct threat not only to Carribean region but also to South Amerika.Leftist diktator suported by Russia and China has huge dreams how to enslave many countries of South Amerika specially the ones who have the natural resources.Just like before second World war when the world was standing idly and doing nothin about Hitler Chavez walks exactly in Hitler steps.Failure USA to act can easily put USA in a front of new world CUBAN crisis and possible Pearl Harbour one more time.F 16.Time to act was yesterday.

    Brent said...

    Iran would support the move:

    Though small in size, Curaçao's Jewish community has a significant impact on history. Curaçao is home to the oldest active Jewish congregation in the Americas, dating to 1651. The Curaçao synagogue is the oldest synagogue of the Americas in continuous use, since its completion in 1732 on the site of a previous synagogue. The Jewish Community of Curaçao also played a key role in supporting early Jewish congregations in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, including in New York City

    Brent said...

    Perhaps also of note:

    Dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles is now scheduled for October 10, 2010

    Two new constituent states within the Kingdom of the Netherlands would be formed, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, along the lines of Aruba.

    Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius would become a direct part of the Netherlands as special municipalities.
    These municipalities will resemble ordinary Dutch municipalities in most ways (they will have a mayor, aldermen and a municipal council, for example) and will have to introduce most Dutch law. Residents of these three islands will also be able to vote in Dutch national and European elections.
    The three islands will also have to involve the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs before they can make agreements with countries in the region.