Saturday, November 19, 2005

The democrats 2006 "plan": spend, spend, spend, spend

Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois had a nice moment on Meet the Press about a month ago. He said Democrats would run on their "ideas" in the 2006 congressional elections...

  • Expand support for higher education.

  • Create a National Institute of Science and Engineering

  • Use government contracts and tax incentives to boost solar and wind power

  • "You got a job, you got health care." Give the uninsured vouchers

  • Everything on the table—loopholes, pork, Bush tax cuts.

  • The Bush tax cuts have resulted in increases in treasury revenue, not decreases as predicted. Democrats won't cut pork - pork is what their whole existence depends on. With the major spending growth in politically "untouchable" entitlement programs, and democrat's historical aversion to pork elimination, this all sounds like quite a pipe dream to me.

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