Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dissident Wiccan's parrot beheaded

I couldn't make up a story like this...

Death threats, parrot beheadings, Wiccan high priestess, federal lawsuits, my god what a bunch of maniac freaks!
Lancaster News
GREAT FALLS - Officials say there will be no heightened security measures enacted by police force here, despite attacks to pets and property owned by Darla Wynne, a resident suing the town council for praying to Jesus Christ before its meetings.

A parrot belonging to the Wiccan high priestess was beheaded and affixed with a note reading "You're next" at Wynne's home Wednesday. The 5-year-old bird, named "Little One," also had its heart ripped out, Wynne said. There were no signs of forced entry at Wynne's home, according to the report. The bird was kept in a cage near her bedroom, Wynne said.

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