Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Porter Goss goes soft on accountability review board

Disturbing shit. I was originally an enthusiastic Goss supporter when he became DCI. I though he was just the guy to clean out the rats nest. I can no longer say that. Its obvious he's covering something up. I want to know what that is. I want to see someone else with the necessary stones to do the job.

Senator Pat Roberts press release
CONTACT: Sarah Ross Little(202) 224-4774

Senate Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts Today Issued the Following Statement

“I have been informed of Director Porter Goss’s decision not to convene Accountability Review Boards (ARB) as recommended by the CIA Inspector General’s review of the actions of CIA personnel prior to September 11, 2001. “Because the ARB is generally the mechanism by which the CIA determines whether any punitive personnel action is warranted, I am concerned to learn of the Director’s decision to forego this step in the process.

“However, I spoke with Director Goss and Negroponte earlier today and they both strongly believe that this is the correct course of action.

“I have invited both Director Negroponte and Director Goss to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee later this month, where we have an opportunity to explore with them this decision and the basis for it.”

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