Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tectonic shifts in Saudi policy open WTO doors

Yep, the "neocon" agenda is a complete failure. Saudi trade with Israel. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Tunisia, and Pakistan starting softening their stances on Israel, the Syrians rocked back on their heels and withdrawn from Lebanon, Libya pulling in its fangs, etc. These are all very dire developments. Indeed, I dare say -- harbingers of impending doom.

Keep drinking that KoolAid and chanting the mantras. The Saudi's just put themselves square in the crosshairs of every Islamofacist in the world with this move...which implies they've decided to FULLY "get on board" in the WOT.

Washington Times
GENEVA -- Saudi Arabia has agreed to end all economic boycotts of Israel, allowing the World Trade Organization (WTO) yesterday to admit the oil-rich kingdom as its 149th member, diplomats said.
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samwich said...

Regionalization before Globalization.

Five nations on earth left with government owned central banks.