Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Canadian liberals to use "tax cuts" to spur economy

USA democrats must be slashing their wrists about now. Those ingrate leftist Canucks just blew holes in the democrats mantra about tax cuts.

Brandon Sun
The beleaguered Liberal government will promise significant cuts to personal income taxes and a sprinkling of corporate tax reductions today in a pre-election mini-budget that offers something for everyone.

Finance Minister Ralph Goodale will promise to lighten the tax burden on Canadians, reiterate an earlier plan to cut billions from corporate taxes and introduce other business tax changes as part of a broader plan to boost the economy, sources say.


Anonymous said...

The Canadians NEED tax cuts. We have a cabin in Canada and it is amazing how much things cost. Even McDonalds are more expensive.

Purple Avenger said...

The Canadians NEED tax cuts.

Actually, the Canadians would be better served with a government that wasn't stocked to the brim with moonbats.

Tax cuts would naturally follow then rather than being adopted as a "gun to the head" measure.